UC 280

The powerhouse

fast - powerful - precise

The operating concept, which is standardised across all machines (UC 210/ UC 280/UC 5XX/UC 800), offers optimized machine park and employee utilisation.

Maximum flexibility in the machine park due to compatible mold blocks to the UC 210 and UC 5XX. Furthermore the UNICOR quick-clamping system ensures an easy and fast mold block change (50% reduction compared to UC 315). This leads to an improved machine availability.

Up to 50% energy saving via variable speed controlled vacuum pump with only 7.5 kW connected load.

Perfect quality of the profile surface and profile shape, thus easier processing and higher stability of the corrugated pipe, even with recycled materials. Short dies, lower back pressure and thus higher throughput offer more efficiency and greater flexibility, also in the selection of materials.

  • Diameter range 40 i.d. – 280 mm o.d.
  • Production of cable protection-, drainage- and sewage pipes without loss in productivity
  • Compatibility of mold blocks without adapters to the corrugators UC 210 and UC 5XX
  • Maximum production speed of 24 m/min
  • Minimal changeover time for mold blocks
  • One drive unit for all applications
  • Speed regulated vacuum pumps
  • Only 20 °C cooling water inlet temperature necessary
  • Electronic control of process air
  • Registration and recording of all vacuum parameters
  • Registration, recording and electrical control of all water inlet and outlet pressures as well as temperatures

Zoomable middle channel

Due to the zoom capability of the middle channel, pipe size-specific mold blocks can be used. This leads to very short dies and low back pressure. Furthermore, the middle channel can be opened completely for very easy accessibility.

Continuous water cooling of the mold blocks

The continuous water cooling of the aluminum vacuum molds allows to produce a high quality pipe right from the start of production. The preset process parameters can be achieved with a repeatability of 98%.


Conduit systems buried underground

Due to the innovative short die technology, even the smallest diameters of 40 mm inside dimension can be produced economically. Almost all common single and double wall corrugated pipes can be produced with this machine.

Drainage pipes

Drainage pipes with best static properties for sustainable infrastructure projects in fields, roads, squares and buildings. The UNICOR die heads ensure homogeneous material distribution and produce corrugated pipes with minimal differences in wall thickness.

Sewage pipes

The corrugated sewage pipes produced on UNICOR corrugators resist maximum loads. Due to the minimal manufacturing tolerances the pipe is perfectly formed and hereby meets all requirements of the respective pipe standards with lowest possible weight per meter.