Special Applications

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In addition to the main segments of our corrugated pipes, there are also a large number of different areas of application. This includes household appliances and products from the heating-sanitary-ventilation sector or the food industry. The combination of many positive properties can also be found in these applications.

Due to an oval design, corrugated double wall pipes are also often used as ventilation pipes for indirect ventilation of the living space. Flexibility and low product height play a crucial role here.

Protective pipe for water conduits
Diameter 25 protective pipe for cold and hot water

Shape-stable and temperature-resistant

Special forms such as memory profiles for siphon pipes for connecting sinks to the sewage system can also be produced. Due to the special shape of the profiles and the resulting snap effect, the pipes remain in the predetermined form.

Core pipes for winding tube production from the manufacturers Krah and Bauku can also be produced. By using PP as the starting material of the core pipes, we obtain a high temperature resistance.

Corrugated pipes are also used as suction hoses for swimming pool cleaning or filter systems. Here, abrasion resistance and UV stability are a must.

For years, corrugated pipes have also functioned as a protective pipe for pre-insulated, flexible district heating lines.

Further special solutions:

  • Protective pipes for flexible, pre-insulated district heating lines
  • Protective pipes for the installation of:
    • Floor water pipes
    • Cold and hot water pipes
    • Drinking water pipes
  • Oval ventilation pipes for controlled ventilation of the living space
  • Suction hoses for filter systems and swimming pool cleaning
  • Support pipes for winding tube application
  • Drain hoses for washing and dishwashers
  • Siphon pipes for sinks
  • Drinking straws