UC 135

The biggest of the smallest

reliable - efficient - versatile

The uniform operating concept for small corrugators guarantees an optimal utilisation of the corrugators and the production staff.

Thanks to the forward-looking machine concept, the cooling capacity can be increased quick and easy.

A large number of common pipe sizes in the field of underground buried cable protection and drainage pipes can be produced economically on one machine.

Perfected quality of the end product due to precisely manufactured
mold blocks and mold block guidance.
Narrow curve radius, short dies, low back pressure and higher throughput provide more efficiency and flexibility, also concerning the choice of material.

  • Each corrugation can be supplied individually with vacuum
  • Free positioning of vacuum holes for mold blocks possible
  • Easy retrofit of an overpressure corrugator to vacuum forming process
  • Highly efficient coolant guidance in the medium and return channel of the corrugator
  • High output capacity for common polyolefin materials also in the double wall pipe segment
  • Control panel can be positioned ergonomically using the swivel arm
  • Excellent overview of the process parameters on the 15″ operating panel
  • Easy accessibility to the main machine components
  • Electronic control of process air
  • Measurement of all vacuum parameters
  • Measurement of water inlet and outlet pressures
  • Electrical control of mold temperature

Modular extension of the middle channel

The corrugator can be extended by adding further middle- and return channel modules in steps of 20 mold blocks. This simplifies increasing the cooling capacity and output of the machine.

Operating panel with swivel arm

All functions can be selected intuitively on the operating panel, which can be positioned ergonomically via the swivel arm. Due to the screen size of 15″ and the new user interface, an excellent overview has been achieved.


Conduit systems buried underground

Due to the narrow curve section and the innovative short die technology, even smallest double wall diameters of 32 mm inside dimension can be produced economically.

Drainage pipes

Drainage pipes with best static properties for sustainable infrastructure projects in fields, roads, squares and buildings. The UNICOR die heads ensure homogeneous material distribution and produce corrugated pipes with minimal differences in wall thickness.

Core tube and ventilation pipe

Special shapes in the field of
corrugated pipes, such as ventilation pipes for house ventilation and core tubes for spiral wound pipes can also be efficiently produced on this corrugator.