Quality protecting our health

Flexible and stable in shape

The high flexibility of corrugated pipes produced on UNICOR machines find high acceptance in medical segment. The UNICOR corrugated pipes are particularly popular with producers of medical respirator or equipment for anethesia and sleep apnea. The particularly sensitive application field of medical segment in terms of hygiene standards and the high and safe product quality have fundamentally shaped the machine development at UNICOR.

The quality promise is anchored across series. All industries benefit from this! But with each new project, new challenges come again and again in medicine, for which UNICOR is the experienced development partner. Challenging geometries or special material properties of the corrugated pipes to be produced are just a few examples.

Corrugated pipe in medical science
Heated corrugated pipe for ventilators

Maximum Vario flexibility

Equipped with the indirect highly energy-efficient UNICOR water cooling and a very low middle channel clearance, premium-quality corrugated pipes are produced.

Vario corrugators allow our customers a high flexibility in terms of output – customers simply need to extend the machine and can thus achieve double the output. They can start producing on a small-size machine and extend it later in accordance with individual production capacity.

An integrated control technology of multi product management stores production parameters and thus product quality can be reproduced at any time.

Advantages in medical science

  • Pleasant wearcomfort of the masks of respirators due to very flexible and soft properties of the corrugated tubes
  • Very stable and no buckling during oxygen transport due to the corrugated structure
  • Inner diameter from 3 mm possible
  • Inline shaped nozzles with various geometries and special shapes can be produced in one work step
  • Material combinations individually tailored to the required properties of the final product