UNICOR - Second-hand machinery

We give your machine a second chance!

Approved UNICOR quality at special conditions

Thanks to our worldwide network to customers, partners and machine suppliers we dispose of a large pool of second-hand machinery.

The overhauling of a production line is done in-house. From partial inspection to general overhauling, our expert team involving experienced construction engineers, assembly operators and service technicians is on hand to provide advice and assistance. Our core competence is the focus on overall functionallity of the machine.

Original parts for your second-hand machine

Longterm spare part availability

Our experts in assembly and production are also bringing the oldest machines back to work. This is ensured by having wiring diagrams and machine drawings from the last decades available.

The overhaul carried out by UNICOR will bring you back to the original quality of your products and thus improve your output performance. With our overhaul, we guarantee long-term spare parts availability, as components that have been discontinued on request are replaced by components currently available on the market.

On request, we can also optimize the products you have purchased with the used machine. This allows you to produce marketable pipes with a second-hand euipment.

We can offer you

  • Original spare parts in quality of original equipment manufacturer (OEM parts)
  • Access to extended workbench
  • Return of installation lines at attractive conditions
  • Manufacturing of competitive components

Contact us – we are your trustful partner!

From old to new