Disc Die Head – Plate Distributor Head

DDH Die Head with quick-change system (QCS)

The DDH developed by UNICOR is characterized by the use of two specially designed material distribution discs for radial melt distribution in the pipe area.

Its incredibly compact construction results in a weight reduction of up to 80% compared to conventional die heads with spiral distributors and long dies in this pipe size range.

Re-centering obsolete!

Like other die heads patented by UNICOR, this enables the production of corrugated pipes with an extremely uniform distribution of material and wall thickness on the pipe circumference. This leads to higher product quality and maximum efficiency at low production costs.

Due to the compact design and the minimum weight, we achieve a fast heating process and a low degeneration of the material during the operating process. Re-centering during production is obsolete due to the unique design.

Simple handling

Usually, the individual parts of die heads up to 1,800 mm outer diameter are unwieldy and heavy. This makes precise on-site assembly a challenge. UNICOR makes it easy for you! The innovative QCS quick-change system facilitates a change over from one dimension to the next with just a few simple steps.

Short time later, the advantages are definitely prevailing: reduced tool changing time and low risk of damage due to steady change over. The start-up process becomes simplified and quicker leading to lower scrap rates.