SWESY - Die head for small and medium diameters

32 up to 700 mm inner diameter

For the small and medium diameter range we score with the die head system SWESY (quick-change system, Schnell Wechsel System).

Two die head sizes SWESY 315 and SWESY 700 perfectly cover the range of 32 mm inner diameter up to 700 mm outer diameter. These die heads are outstanding for the production of double wall corrugated pipes or single layer corrugated pipes. The integrated inline centering system achieves remarkable accuracy as well as an even distribution of material and wall thickness at the scope of the final product. And that without stopping production.

The all-in-one die head

With a view to conventional die heads, die set, mouth and end pieces are separately assembled requiring extensive operating skills and longer assembly times. Moreover, the recurring intervals for adjusting the pipe wall thicknesses for these die heads should not be underestimated.

With the SWESY die heads, no further components need to be disassembled besides the die set. This one is premounted and ready to use in a quick way due to the preheating system (optionally available). Already the first meters of production delivers saleable products. Readjusting the wall thicknesses is mainly inapplicable.