Small-sized corrugators

Flexible high-performance corrugators even for smallest diameters

Universal machines for many different application fields

The intuitive Concept of Operations with digital registration and display of process parameters offers the highest process security and flexibility in machine assignment. All corrugators are configured individually to customer-specific requirements. This is realised by UNICOR specialist engineers. With a variety of options, the machines are also ideally equipped for future requirements, such as for example the OPC-UA interface or the recording of parameters.

The main application fields of single and double wall corrugated pipes document the convincing product properties, especially with a view to the premium quality of the pipes manufactured on these machines.


  • Compact design with reduced foodprint
  • Good economic efficiency due to high output speeds and long-life cycle
  • High flexibility of machine assignment due to uniform Concept of Operations
  • High process stability due to reliable UNICOR water cooling
  • Sustainable investment due to simple capacity expansion
  • Storage of process parameters due to multi-product management
  • Ground-laid cable protection (pipes for high-voltage current, telecommunications, etc.)
  • Infrastructure (drainage, ventilation pipes, etc.)
  • Automotive (wiping water supply, tank filling nozzles, etc.)
  • Medical (respirator pipes, urine catheters, etc.
  • Machinery and ship building (protective pipes, etc.)

UC 15 Vario

The tiny one

precise – reliable – flexible


UC 36

The fastest

unique – fast – efficient


UC 58

The most popular

proven – versatile – efficient


UC 58 vario

The versatile one

precise – flexible – versatile


UC 90

The multi talent

fast – efficient – versatile


UC 135

The biggest of the smallest

reliable – efficient – versatile