Mid-sized Corrugators

Water cooling in perfection

The corrugators of the mid-sized segment also convince with a consistent Concept of Operations and thus provide high flexibility in machine assignment. The permanent direct cooling of aluminium mold blocks offers an efficient and uniform cooling process which is the basis for high output rates. By recording and displaying the process parameters, a high process reliability and reproducibility of project orders are given. All corrugators can be individually configured to customer-specific requirements. The package of optional extension functions leaves almost no wish unfulfilled.

Advantages of the series

  • Good economic efficiency due to high output speeds and long-life cycle
  • High flexibility of machine assignment due to uniform Concept of Operations
  • High process stability due to reliable UNICOR water cooling
  • Customer-individual adaptation of functional enhancements


  • Ground-laid cable protection (telecommunications and fiber optics, etc.)
  • Infrastructure (drainage, sewage, etc.)
  • Core tubes and ventilation (spiral winding pipes, controlled ventilation of living space, etc.)
  • Machinery and equipment installation (protective pipes, etc.)

UC 210 

The efficient one

fast - reliable - versatile


UC 280

The powerhouse

fast - powerful - precise



The resource-saving

sustainable - efficient - flexible



The new one

flexible - powerful - efficient


UC 800 

The traditional one

proved - durable - powerful