Downstream equipment

After the produced pipe has left the last mould blocks of the corrugator, there are some more machines ready to finish the pipe, the so called downstream equipment.

UNICOR develops the downstream equipment according to the demand of the pipe to be produced and thus ensure to maintain the quality of the complete pipe manufacturing.

Tipping table

  • Pneumatic discharging
  • Discharge is triggered via light barrier
  • Height adjustment in the base section

Spray cooling

  • Spray cooling with nozzles
  • Synchronized haul-off
  • Additional dancer controller for more flexibility

Rotary Slitting Unit for single and double wall pipes

  • Available with 4/6/8 slitting rows
  • Exact pipe guiding
  • Accurate slitting
  • 1 basic frame with drive
  • Each dimension has one slitting head for quick-change over
  • For single and double wall PE/PP pipes
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