Small-sized corrugators

For the production of technical corrugated pipes (from 3 mm i.d. to 90 mm o.d.) UNICOR has developed the corrugators UC 15, UC 58 and UC 90 with different chain lenghts and in different executions.

The range of end products of these corrugators starts with single wall corrugated pipe, includes furthermore double and triple wall corrugated pipe and ends with five wall corrugated pipes for specific applications.
In addition to the standard corrugator models, there are special series of variable (vario) corrugators. In these corrugators, the chain lenght can be variably adjusted to the respective product length. The vertical corrugators are specially designed for very small pipe diameters.

We have newly developed our small corrugators (G2 Corrugators), pursuing only a single objective: unbeatably low costs across the entire service life of our plants – to move you forward in quality and economic efficiency.

UC 15 vertical
Ø 3-15 mm
UC 58 vario vacuum
Ø 8-58 mm

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