UC 1800

Ø 500-1,800 mm
This new and innovative corrugator UC 1800 is designed for the production of drainage, storm water and sewer corrugated pipes. This corrugator uses a gripper system for the mould block transport in the return channels. The extruders are placed on a movable platform.

Like all other UNICOR shuttle corrugators, this model has a high robustness and long life time.

Features of UC 1800 in detail:

  • open design
  • process controlled direct water cooling of mould blocks
  • high outputs
  • multi zone vacuum technology
  • shuttle principle
  • parking station for in-line cuff production available
  • metrical and imperial mould block length available
  • mould blocks made of casted special aluminium alloy
  • easy and quick mould block change
  • precise lateral and height adjustment of corrugator
  • central lubrication with monitoring system
  • hydraulic buffered push off cylinder system
  • PLC control system
  • touch screen technology
  • graphic visualisation of process data
  • electrical control for synchronisation with extruder
  • maintenance-free servo motors
  • telediagnostic service via internet available

Technical specifications

  • Storm water and sewage
  • Manholes
  • Conveyor pipes
  • Structural and civil engineering

field of application

  • Storm water and sewage
  • Manholes
  • Conveyor pipes
  • Structural and civil engineering

technical data

parameter UC 1800/6 iV (PS im)
max. pipe diameter (outer diameter) in mm 1.800
min. pipe diameter (inner diameter) in mm 500
connection power in kw 120
amount of mould blocks 6 + 1 (PS)
mould block chain in total (mm) 3.658 + 914
mould blocks in middle channel (mm) 2.200
max. PVC output (KG) 1.600
max. HDPE output (kg/h) 1.350
max. speed (m/min) 1.5
length (mm) 7.400
width (mm) 7.200
height (mm) 5.000
weight (kg) 40.000

PS = available with parking station (for 1 cuff mould block)
im = imperial execution


  • Polyolefines
  • PVC
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