Fabian Spitzner now responsible for Sales & Marketing at UNICOR GmbH


Since 2012 the internationale Sales & Marketing operation of UNICOR GmbH of Hassfurt, Germany, is headed by a new sales manager. Fabian Spitzner is the new marketing director at UNICOR, he succeeds Volker Sprenger.

Fabian Spitzner is known on the market as an especially experienced expert for corrugated pipe plants. Up to 2010 he was in the marketing staff at FRÄNKISCHE in the machinery division. When the corrugator operations of FRÄNKISCHE were taken over by UNICOR he moved to Hassfurt where he became Sales Manager for regional sales with main emphasis on "the Balkans, Turkey and Middle East" at UNICOR.

Since January 2012 he is now heading the global marketing of corrugators of UNICOR GmbH. He is particularly experienced in the marketing of FDC corrugators which UNICOR produces and sells since the machinery division of FRÄNKISCHE was taken over by UNICOR.

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