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UNICOR presents its new corrugator for the medium pipe range - UC 210


In the middle of November, the German producer of corrugated pipe extrusion facilities (corrugators) presented its latest development to customers from all over the world. The UC 210 produces the most common pipe sizes in the medium pipe range.

UNICOR corrugator machines are employed worldwide to produce corrugated plastic pipes. These corrugators hold their own in the harsh international competition. To keep ahead of competitors, UNICOR’s tactic has been to develop leading edge technology that offer their customers a manufacturing advantage in line speed and product quality.

UNICOR recently invited customers and representatives from all over the world to its factory floor in Hassfurt, Germany, for the presentation of its new corrugator, the UC 210. The new machine, which produces corrugated pipes especially fast and efficiently, impressed those present at the live demonstration.

At the beginning of the run - participants where impressed with the ease of start-up, with ready-for-sale pipe being produced shortly after the start of the production line. The material waste produced in the starting process and the associated high production costs are practically zero.

Manufacturing corrugated pipe of 32 mm inner diameter to 200 mm outer diameter with only one machine

With its diameter range from 32 mm i.d. to 200 mm o.d., the UC 210 covers a range of pipe sizes in the medium pipe segment as often requested by many pipe manufacturers. The new UNICOR machine produces single and double-walled corrugated pipe for all applications from technical pipes to drainpipes.

The high performance and output data are evidence that UNICOR has once again focused on premium quality for this all-round machine. For instance, the demonstrated output per hour is 1000 kg for PVC and 900 kg for HDPE. The maximum mechanical speed of the corrugator is 35 m/min, these outputs are impressive on a corrugator with a 6.333m mold set.

Technical finesses such as the zooming middle channel or the quick change system for the mould blocks and die sets are standard features of the line. This makes the price of the UNICOR UC 210 corrugator also impressive. Despite covering the medium range of pipes and implementing various innovative technical features, it costs no more than a machine for the limited range of pipes up to 160 mm outer diameter.

Technical lectures present the advantages of efficient, cost-saving pipe production

Various technical lectures informed the visitors of the UNICOR open house about new technologies for producing corrugated pipe. Battenfeld-Cincinatti, for example, spoke of the extruder combination for manufacturing double-walled corrugated HDPE and PE pipes, solEX 75 and solEX 60. FB Balzanelli from Italy explained the High Performance Winder EC2000, on which the sample pipes for the UC 210 presentation in the UNICOR plant were fully automatically wound.

New majority owner of UNICOR GmbH introduced themselves

Also present on the occasion were the new Austrian majority owners of UNICOR GmbH, the GAW Group Pildner-Steinburg Holding GmbH from Graz. Two representatives of the management took the opportunity to present the GAW Group to the UNICOR employees and to welcome UNICOR as a successful part of the company group.

Klaus Kaufmann, Managing Director of UNICOR and who, together with his managerial colleagues Gerhard Haefner and Hubert Kossner remain as the management team and Directors of UNICOR GmbH. In his presentation Kaufmann, emphasized the positive impetus and synergies the GAW Group will bring for UNICOR: “GAW is a company that has impressed the market with its outstanding products and black figures in its balance sheets ever since it formed 60 years ago. With this strong partner, we can continue to systematically drive forward the development of UNICOR as one of the leading companies of our industry.”

About the GAW Group:
The GAW group, a global group of companies for industrial plant construction and engineering which, offers customers innovative and tailored solutions from a single source in the three strategic areas of paper, automotive & industrial solutions and environmental solutions. The GAW group employs 1,300 people and generates an annual turnover of 200 million euros at an export quota of 90%.

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