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UNICOR Corrugators commissioned in Iraq via remote control


UNICOR, German manufacturer of corrugated pipe extrusion lines, has recently supplied new machines to Iraq. The start-up of the two lines was accomplished completely via Internet Interface.

As of late, the production of PVC drainage pipes was started in Iraq by order of the Government by means of UNICOR Corrugators. The Iraqi Government itself bought the machines of the UC 130 series from the machine manufacturer located in Lower Franconia. The Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources is responsible for pipe production. 

The UNICOR Corrugators produce drainage pipes up to 130mm diameter which are subsequently lined with a filter fleece. The fleece facilitates water absorption and prevents the ingress of dirt particles that often collect in the drainage holes and clog them.

Start-up accomplished by Remote Control

In view of the persistent risk situations in Iraq UNICOR could not deploy technicians for the start-up of the Iraqi production facility. Therefore three Iraqi staff members were intensely trained for two weeks in the UNICOR Technical Center in Hassfurt to acquire competency in the operation and installation of the UC 130 Corrugators. Expertise in PVC processing and in the handling of the UNICOR Remote Maintenance Unit (RMU) were also important aspects.

The start-up of the complete production lines was accomplished on site by the Iraqi staff members supported via web interface by the German UNICOR technicians who were able to closely follow the state and correct function of installation via the Remote Maintenance Unit (RMU).  Handling errors or unexpected technical problems could thus be remedied within a few minutes. 

Comprehensive communication through RMU

The quick start-up was also enabled by the versatile communication channels of the UNICOR RMU. A camera application permits via remote maintenance system the direct view on all relevant elements of the UNICOR machines. The technicians in Iraq and the UNICOR experts could exchange information via language interface. Operating commands could also be activated from Germany and adjusted where necessary. 
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