Our business

The production of corrugated plastic pipe demands for perfectly working corrugators that are exactly adapted to customers' needs. This holds true for all pipe dimensions from technical pipe with a diameter of 3 mm up to drainage pipe with a diameter of up to 2400 mm.

We have acquired the positive UNICOR image on the international market by "innovations", "customer focused solutions" and "quality".

UNICOR customers get a machine that enables them to achieve ideal results in production as well as a long-time operational performance.

And in case, if there should appear a breakdown in the production process our technicians will be on the spot as soon as possible in order to minimise the downtime.

Since 2007 UNICOR offers the possibility to equip UNICOR corrugators with a remote support system. With this system our service engineers in most cases can check from Hassfurt directly, into the control system of the machine. This offers in most cases a fast solution to the problem and - in turn - saves time and money.

Innovations - Solutions - Quality - Service
Four meaningful UNICOR characteristics that turn us exactly into what we are:
the corrugator experts
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