Company History


First UC 1800 delivered for the South American market

For the first time, UNICOR has delivered its large-sized corrugator UC 1800 to South America. The Brazilian pipe manufacturer is now producing sewage pipes with 500 to 1200 mm ID (PE) according to ISO standards. Our Canadian subsidiary ADESCOR delivered the high quality downstream equipment.

New die head CDH - QCS

UNICOR’s new die head CDH – QCS („Quick Change System“), which is preferably used for smaller sizes on the UC 1200 and UC 1800, has many advantages: An innovatively designed spiral area, as well as the perfect symmetrical frontloading, enable the best possible material distribution. In addition, the color strip connection is integrated as a standard. A color change can be realized within just ten minutes, what results in a minimization of the scrap rate. The material backpressures are on a very low level compared to comparable die heads. This enables a wide processing window in terms of materials and melt temperature.


UC 330 AC: Corrugated pipe manufacture with innovative Air Cooling Concept "Made in Germany"

The first air cooled UNICOR corrugator UC 330AC will be primarily used on the North American drainage pipe market. During the pipe production the moulds can be kept at a constant temperature between 20 °C and 80 °C in a continuous cooling process. Outputs up to 1100 kg/h (PP/PE) or 1300 kg/h (PVC) can be achieved parallel with highest product quality.

Adescor now part of UNICOR

In 2013, Adescor has joined UNICOR. The Canadian company produces a wide range of downstream equipment for corrugated pipe production.

UNICOR highlighted premium products during K 2013

Once more UNICOR looks back on a successful K show exhibition. The latest innovations as the UC 330AC or the die head SWESY 700 were presented to a huge amount of visitors. The new die head paves the way for extremely high pipe quality with excellent wall thickness distribution in the diameter range from 95 mm i.d. up to 700 mm o.d. It also provides substantially higher productivity by the extremely quick change between sizes.


The new UC 210 corrugator for the medium pipe range

With its diameter range from 32 mm i.d. to 200 mm o.d., the UC 210 covers a range of pipe sizes in the medium pipe segment as often requested by many pipe manufacturers. The new UNICOR machine produces single and double-walled corrugated pipe for all applications from technical pipes to drainpipes.

UNICOR belongs to GAW Group

In 2012 the ownership of UNICOR has moved from NORD Holding to GAW Group from Austria. Now, UNICOR is member of a large group of successful companies operating in the international machine building industry.


First FDC 800 from UNICOR

In 2011, UNICOR`s first FDC corrugators have been sold. A Turkish customer is the owner of UNICOR´s 1st FDC 800, a Mexican customer the owner of the 1st FDC 160.


For a quick changeover of the die head, the SWESY system is the perfect solution. It assures short tool changing times, inline centering for the inner and the outer pipe layer and preheating of the complete die head.

Mould Block Mould Block System

With UNICOR`s new Mould Block System, mould blocks of the FDC 800 are also applicable on the large-sized corrugator UC 1200.


UC 15 Extended Version

The UC 15 „Extended Version“ has been developed for a pipe manufacturer. The company now produces extra-long technical pipes.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

UNICOR passes the certification audit for the Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

K 2010

UNICOR succeeds at K 2010. Many visitors from all continents came to the UNICOR booth. Various contracts of sale for corrugators in all sizes have been signed at Düsseldorf.

25th anniversary

1984 Horst Rahn made the first steps into the corrugator business. Today, UNICOR belongs to the leading companies on the international market for corrugated pipe extrusion machinery. The 25th jubilee was celebrated in autumn 2010.


Takeover of the machinery business of FRÄNKISCHE

UNICOR took over the machine shop and the spare part business of FRÄNKISCHE and therewith strengthens its position on the global market as manufacturer of high-quality corrugators. New FDC Corrugators, original FRÄNKISCHE spare parts and the quick after sales service are now available at UNICOR only.

The new UC 125 - The Ferrari among the corrugators

2009 was the launch of the superfast UC 125. Double wall pipe with the nominal size of 110 mm can be produced with 30 m/min. The applications are cable protection pipe and drainage pipe. A complete mould block set (82 pairs of blocks) can be replaced within only 30 minutes.


New pipe-in-pipe technology

UNICOR presented two new corrugators for quick and easy in-line production of protective pipes for PEX, ALU-PEX-pipes and protective pipes for cables. The UC 58/90 (V) as well as the UC 58/120 (V) enable pipe-in-pipe production and cable insertion within the pipe diameters from 8 mm i.d. up to 58 mm o.d.

New die head concept CDH

The new UNICOR Compact Die Head Technology has been designed for pipe dimensions of 250 up to 600 mm i.d. and guarantees for improved pipe qualities and at the same time reduces tooling change-over times at a change of pipe dimensions.


The new UC 1800

UNICOR´s new corrugator highlight, the UC 1800, was supplied in 2007 for the first time. The machine supports mould blocks in metrical and imperial system thus permitting the simultaneous use of mould blocks of different lengths.

UNICOR successful at K 2007

K 2007 was crowned with success for UNICOR presenting its products including the UC 1800 and the Compact Die Head to the world.


The new UC 1200

In 2006, after some new developments, UNICOR presented its new UC 1200. This machine allows for the production of pipes with 1,200 mm o. d. inclusive coupling in one production process.

Double couplings up to 500 mm o. d.

Up to then cuffs had to be produced with injection moulding techniques. Especially for the production of cuffs up to 500 mm o. d. this process now can, investment cost saving, be transfered to UNICOR corrugators by the development of new mould blocks.


UNICOR now again acting independently on the world market

With a Management Buy Out (MBO) together with the NORDholding Unternehmensbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH situated in Hannover, the UNICOR management has acquired the UNICOR GmbH Rahn Plastmaschinen from the UPONOR corporate group.

Members of the management:
Klaus Kaufmann (Managing Director), Ralf Mittermüller (Director Sales Dept.), Gerhard Häfner (Production Manager), Hubert Koßner (R&D Manager)

DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

UNICOR passes the certification audit for the Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.


25th shuttle corrugator leaves UNICOR plant

UNICORs success concerning large-size corrugators is documented by the 25th machine leaving the technical lab in Hassfurt. Innovative features such as the 1986 patented shuttle principle, the disc die head technology and the parking station as well as the experience lasting for decades strengthen UNICORs role as a market leader.

Successful K’04 Show in Düsseldorf

With its innovative UC 100 UNICOR could prove its change from a machine building company to a technology supplier. The high visitor interest on the fair showed that UNICOR corrugators exactly meets the requirements of the international markets.


Development of the Parking Station

for large-sized Corrugators

UC 100 Symposium - Technology of the Future

The first of the new middle sized Corrugator generation with revolutionized technology is presented during this symposium. The main characteristics of these corrugators are:

  • pneumatic muscle
  • clothoid curve
  • cooling channel with looping effect in the forming blocks
  • wear parts made of technical polymers
  • separate vacuum and cooling channel


The new UC 100

With the newly developed UC100, UNICOR starts a new machine generation for small and middle sized pipes.

Coiler Symposium

New automatic coilers presented.

Specially suitable for:
  • Multi-layer composite pipe
  • PEX pipe

Specially suitable for:
  • Corrugated pipe
  • Smooth pipe


Double wall pipe 20 mm o.d.

Inner and outer layer consist of two different materials: ideal for technical applications.

K 2001

From October 25th to November 01st 2001 UNICOR successfully presents new technologies for corrugated pipe production at the K 2001 show and receives an international award from SolVin for PVC-innovations.


Presentation of the new UC 1000

The UC1000 optimizes the production of double wall pipes in sizes ranging from 200 i.d. to 1,000 mm o.d.

Presentation of the Vario-Corrugators UC 58 and UC 15

The vario corrugator allows the adjustment of the chain length to the product length. Thereby, the highest possible efficiency in production and most economical utilization of raw material is achieved.


Presentation of the UC 15 vertical

for the production of corrugated pipes from 3.0 mm i.d.

MLCP diameters 90 mm/110 mm

The world-wide largest MLC-pipe sizes 90 mm/110 mm are presented to the market. A product range from all in all 14 nominal sizes is available from now on.


Symposium UC 1500 with new tooling technology

The new Disc Die Head Technology:

  • 80% weight reduction
  • 65% less heating energy
  • Just „plug and play“ – no additional centering required

Development of the MLCP 2000

Now: production speed 25 m/min!

DIN-ISO 9001 certification Unicor GmbH Rahn Plastmaschinen


The high performance corrugator UC 75 is presented during a symposium.

The UC75 revolutionizes outputs: 30 m/min. of PE double wall pipe size 40 mm.

Extension of facilities for building large-sized corrugators in Hassfurt.


The founder of UNICOR, Dipl.-Ing. Horst Rahn, is honored for his achievements with the award "Entrepreneur of the Year".

In 1996, the "Special Award for Ecology and Innovation of the Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Traffic and Technology" is awarded to UNICOR.


The UC 250 is introduced.

UC250 revolutionizes the manufacture of double wall pipes of small and mid-sized diameters by using direct mould block cooling combined with vacuum forming.

New product range:

UNICOR Extrusionstechnik Zella-Mehlis adds downstream equipment for soft profiles to its product range.

For the development of the Multi-Layer-Composite-Pipe with a diameter of 9 mm, the Innovation Award of the Federal State of Thuringia is granted.

DIN-ISO 9001 certification for Unicor Extrusionstechnik GmbH.


The new design of the UC 500 is presented.

By using a new, closed cooling circuit for the direct mold block cooling with vacuum forming, a tremendous rise in output is achieved.

Patents for MLC pipes are applied for.

The MLC-pipe, consisting of an overlapped welded aluminum pipe with inner and outer layers of plastic, tightly bonded to the aluminum layer by means of a special adhesive, presents an innovation on the sanitary pipe market.


The UC 850 for the production of drainage and sewer pipes is presented.

With the UC 850, UNICOR starts a new machine design for large-sized pipes which is still used today. The shuttle principle is going to stand its ground in corrugator construction over the years to come.

An own technology for the manufacture of MLCP lines is developed and the extrusion lines are built according to this concept.


Opening of the plant in Zella-Mehlis (Thuringia)

After the fall of „The Iron Curtain“ UNICOR buys the "Suhler Maschinenfabrik" with a long tradition in building machines.


Opening of the own machine shop.

With the building and opening of own production halls the UNICOR concept was fulfilled.


The important patent of the shuttle technology is applied for by UNICOR.

The Shuttle technology opens up a new way for the economic production of large sized single and double wall pipes made of PE. PP and PVC by reducing the number of mould blocks required.


The UNICOR GmbH Rahn Plastmaschinen is founded.

UNICOR means UNIversal CORrugator. Corrugators, i.e. machines for the manufacture of single, double and triple wall pipes, engineering, design, development as well as the sale of the corrugators are the beginning of a story of success.
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