UNICOR developments are not in the realm of the impossible! UNICOR is well known to be its time and markets some steps ahead. Patents for the UNICOR Shuttle-Technology e.g. were applied for as early as 1986. Up to now about 50 UNICOR large-sized corrugators have been sold with this technology - all over the world!

This is exactly UNICOR´s strength!
Our innovative technologies make our machines most suitable for the international markets that in turn put higher and higher demands on new corrugators. In this way, UNICOR assures top quality, based on long-time experience and the essential long-term advance in knowledge.

UNICOR customers receive machinery solutions tailored to their needs - combined with longevity and our well-known, substantial technical service. Therefore we assure what our customers expect:

Warranty for economic success.

We can make the impossible possible!
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